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Campsite Les Gorges du Chambon, about us


Pascal and Lidewij: “The quality of our services is our priority. Our objective: 100% satisfaction of our guests”



We started our camping adventure in 1989! Pascal worked for 10 years as a stonemason for monuments in Paris, Lidewij studied in Amsterdam. We met each other at a campsite in the Alps, where Pascal was the owner for a year, and Lidewij as animator as a student job in summer. After her study, she immigrated to France. We managed this campsite with great pleasure until 2012. In addition, we managed a 2nd camping on a municipal site in a village nearby. We have operate this campsite for 9 years. Despite the success of both campsites we were in 2012 to a new challenge. The passion for manage a campground and the luxury to work together was still present. We found in April 2013 Les Gorges du Chambon and moved 600 kilometers, to the other side of France with our three children.

Why choose you this site? On arrival at the campsite we were surprised by the idyllic spot, the 17th-century farmhouse, the space and the possibilities to improve the campsite, and the calm spirit of the campsite. Pascal has golden hands and takes care of all the technical issues, management of new investments and maintenance of the green spaces.

“You have to have a great talent for organization to minimize the waste of time on such a large area and with the infrastructure. We only have 5 month in wintertime to make improvements and the big maintenance of the site. If in winter and spring I have worked hard and well, then technical problems are reduced. The high season will be much more relaxed, and I can take care of the details on the site. ”

Lidewij manage the bookings, contracts, administration, trade shows, marketing, management and staff. Despite the increasingly heavy administrative charge, The presence at the reception for her very important. “Every season and every arrival for us are still exciting, even after 25 year. Answer to the expectations and satisfaction of our guests is our top priority. When upon departure of guests, they say us that they had a fantastic holiday, we managed our challenge ”


We hope to welcome you very soon with a great pleasure,

Lidewij and Pascal FROGER

chambon vu du ciel


The camp exists for more than 35 years and was started by a farmer couple. Then an English couple has managed the camp for several years. Due to family circumstances, the camp was closed for some time. In 1999 the Petit family restart the site and run the campsite until 2013. In April 2013, we acquired “Les Gorges du Chambon”.
The buildings are an old farm from the 17th century. The open courtyard is typical for this type farms. The restaurant is housed in the old stables and the reception was formerly the pig sty and depot. The cottage is located around the old bread oven. The house and stables have beautiful round windows called “oeil de boeuf
(bull’s eye)


In 2008 and 2009, the campsite les Gorges du Chambon was chosen for the filming of the famous series Camping paradise. Two episodes were filmed in our campsite. Chalet of reception of this series is always present!